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Welcome to Bridal Portraits

Miss L Martinelli

Of any portrait, the Bridal Portrait is surely the most important and most cherished a woman can have.

To remember your day with a timeless work of art is to have a personal treasure that will become even more precious as the years go by.

What a wonderful gift to give your children who will in turn give it to their children. If you have been married for many years, you can still commission a 'Bridal Portrait.'

I can work with photos from your wedding album from several years ago.

A set of three portraits showing the Bride, Mother of the Bride and a Bridesmaid or Flower Girl is very popular. Three generations of the female line from the same family is certainly a moment in time to preserve forever.

As the bridesmaid or flower girl becomes a bride herself, so the tradition of a portrait is continued. What a precious family treasure!

How to Commission a Portrait

Commissioning a portrait is easy to do, very exciting and great fun! You can view the art-work whilst in progress at any time

Step 1: Select a few photos from your wedding day that you feel would make a great portrait.

Step 2: Visit the studio in Tiverton so we can confirm the size and colour of your composition, always with some refreshment. If it is possible to meet the subjects to be portrayed I can establish skin colour and tone, hair colour and type. If it is not possible then good quality photos should give me all the details I need to create a stunning art work.

Step 3: Agree the format and price and make a 50% deposit.

Step 4: A portrait takes 21 days to create. As I put in the final touches you are invited to view the artwork to be sure it is meeting all your expectations. Any little changes or additions can be made at this point.

Step 5: Once the portrait is completed it is mounted and framed, ready for your collection. The remainder of the balance is paid on collection of your portrait.



Framed Size



Two Portraits

Three Portraits

Head and Shoulders

Finest Pastels on Ambersand Board

16" x 12




Bridal Portrait No 1

Bridal Portrait No 2

Bridal Portrait No 3

Flower Girl

Mother of the Bride

Father of the Bride

Portraits may include Groom, Best Man, Mother of the bride, bridesmaids, flower girls, Maids or Matrons of Honour and senior members of the family. Commissioning a portrait from Rosa-Lee is very exciting and every step of the way is relaxed and a moment to enjoy. Whatever your requirements I look forward to hearing from you at: [email protected]