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Welcome to Child Portraits

Miss L Martinelli

Commissioning a child portrait is not something we do everyday but may I reassure you, the process is very exciting and great fun.

You can view the art work at any time as it is being created by popping into the studio in Tiverton, Devon.

No sooner are they with us then suddenly they are all grown up. The opportunity to commission a child portrait is very fleeting and when it is gone it is gone forever. 

A portrait of a child makes a wonderful gift for parents or grandparents and can be easily shipped anywhere in the world.

If you are looking to commission a portrait of a young person may I encourage you to contact me sooner rather than later. Before you know it they are teenagers and the moment is passed. 


Step 1: Select photos of the child to be portrayed that you feel would make a great portrait.

Step 2: Arrange to visit the studio in Tiverton so we can consider the photos and discuss the colour, size and composition of your portrait, always with some refreshment. If it is possible to meet the child I can establish the skin colour and tones, hair colour and type. If it is not possible then good quality photos should give me all the details I need for a stunning portrait.

Step 3: Agree the format and price and make a 50% deposit.

Step 4: A portrait takes 21 days to create. As I put in the final touches you are invited to view the artwork to be sure it is fulfilling all your expectations. Any little changes or additions can be made at this point.

Step 5: Once the portrait is finished it is mounted and framed and ready for your collection. The remainder of the balance is paid on collection of your portrait.

Portrait of Master Jack North


Frame Size



Price incl Frame


16" x 12"

Head and 


Finest pastels on Ambersand Board



20" x 16"

Head to Waist + favourite object

Finest pastels on Ambersand Board


Pricing Option 1:

Portrait of Abigail as a flower girl

Pricing Option 2: Memorial portrait of Ellen

Kinsella whose favourite silver locket was depicted.

Pricing Option 1:

Portrait of Gabriel Harrison

Pricing Option 1:

Portrait of Miss Izabella Sharland

Pricing option 1:

Portrait of Abigail as a flower girl

Pricing Option 2:

Portrait of Miss Jade